You just put some soil and seeds, start the pot and wait until your fresh herbs and spices are ready.

You don't have to water or take care of the lights.

Grow your crops as easy as making a great sandwich at home.

Internet Connection

The smart pot connects to your home or office connection and sends feedback.

Home deployment

Easy to setup at home or at the office, with minimal effort and great success.

Many features

The smart pot comes with many built-in features like lights and moisture sensors.

Easy to use

Even without a manual our product is simple and intuitive to use.

What you can Grow

Here are a number of plants that you can grow home in your personnal smart garden. We've listed the 16 most common.


Watch Video

Here's a short video interview of our team showing the product infront of an audience.

Our story

Our motivation is to deliver to the people in the big cities the opportunity to grow fresh herbs and spices and to deliver the fresh taste, which they can get from homegrown production.

  • Idea generation

    Preslav’s parents have a greenhouse. He helped with the work in it and because he is into technology, he saw an opportunity for it to be optimized. He gathered a team and Green Corp was born.

  • First big competition

    In June 2016 we won our first big start-up competition. We've come a long way since than and we feel better prepared for the things to come. With team effort we managed to position our company as the most successful student company for the year.

  • First Investment

    Thanks to the success of the company we managed to secure our first big investment from the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and we are currently on our way to the next financing phase.

  • Prototype in the making

    We are currently working on our first prototype of the product and are eager to show our accomplishments to the world. If you want to be one of the few, who can get access to the early birds, don't hesitate and order one from the section below.

  • Accelerator program

    Оur team successfully participated in the ClimateKIC accelerator, where we developed our idea as a way to fight the effects of global warming. We reduce the distance, which the food travels by making it easily accessibly at home.

How to buy our product

There are many ways to sell our product on the internet, so we've summed up the 3 best propositions for you to choose from.

Early Bird
Impressive design
Working prototype
1 year support
Double the deal
Double pack
Easy handling
Free shipping
Triple strike
Business best
Integrated system
Free shipping

Frequently Asked Question.

All you can ask for in one section

Q How long does it take to ship a pot?

It depends on your location and the state/province you are ordering from. For US residents orders will be negotiated per customer. For EU residents all available shipping options apply.

Q How do I know I'll receive it?

We value our customers and we tend to offer great customer support. If, at any stage of the process, you decide that you want your money back, just ping us at one of our mailbox.

Q What can I grow in the pot?

There is no limitation to what you can grow in the pot, as long as it fits in. We've placed some tips for plants you may want to try and grow initially. Just scroll several sections above.

Q What is the build quality?

The pot is created using wood and the material is isolated from the moisture generated in the process of growing.

Q What color can I get mine?

For the moment we don't offer different colors, but if your eager enough to get your hands on a chrome or matte one, write us - we'll figure something out for you.

Q Will it go well with my furniture?

As we are working with interior designers, we've created the pot to fit all types of surroundings from home to office setups.

Pre-Order our awesome pot and start using it right out of the box

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